I love Technology, pretty well all aspects of it, this area of my site is more for thoughts about professional technology rather than gadgets etc, there will be plenty of that in the personal section.

I have worked in and with Technology since before my adult life, building PC's back when I was a kid, my first being a 12mhz 286 (when the turbo button was pushed in), I have been a IT Technician, Web Manager, Network Manager and Security Operations Centre Manager. One common thing through all those roles has been a desire to use technology to improve efficency, cost effectiveness and, most importantly in my opinion, the quality and speed of the end result!

If you like or don't like anything I say, please, let me know via one of my social channels - twitter is probably best for a speedy response. Unlike many, I love to know when I am wrong, because I can learn from it and be better moving forward!

Affinity Photo – Photoshop but perpetual/cheaper?

Hey, hope you are having a lovely day, its pretty grey here, but I most certainly could be worse! I thought that I would write a little about Affinity Photo, one of the two Affinity products that I have gotten hold of recently, the other being Affinity Designer – more to come on that too. (more…)

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